Astonishing Photo Books to Inspire Young Photographers

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Thanks to smartphones and tablets, many kids learn to capture moments a lot easier than ever before. Photography is a fun hobby that kids can take. It’s a way to capture special moments forever, and it also gives kids a whole new way to see the world. Photography, like all other visual art, is a great outlet to nurture a child’s creativity and expression. Photography has developed a child’s voice, vision, and identity. Hence, build a budding photographer through the collection of books found below. 

A History of Pictures for Children by Dave Hockney and Martin Gayford

Dave Hockney and Martin Gayford take kids on an adventure on art history through their book A History of Pictures for Children. The authors will take kids from the beginning (cave paintings) to the present time (computer drawings) to help young minds grasp concepts. Since the dawn of time, humans have been documenting stories, experiences, and more through images. Hence, this book will explore all the ways humans used images long before cameras were even invented. This book follows the trail of twists and turns towards the many artistic inventions we now know today. Dave and Martin’s book will encourage children to fully appreciate how and why art has changed. Also featured in this book are illustrated timelines of inventions for a fun and creative reading experience. 

Who’s Yawning Now? by Nicki Geigert

Who’s Yawning Now? is a photo book of animals caught yawning, an action that almost all animals, including humans, do. Although yawning can mean different for different animals, you and your kid will find how adorable these animals are. Who’s Yawning Now? does not offer tips or tricks in photography, but it will inspire children to take unique photos of animal behavior and action like never before. Nicki’s book will encourage kids to be creative, think of the box, and go for it when it comes to their passion. Encourage your child’s passion while finding the beauty and art out in the world, specifically in the wildlife. Moreover, this book is perfect for teaching and informing children about animals, specifically on endangered animals. 

Photo Adventures for Kids by Anne-Laure Jacquart

Anne-Laure Jacquart’s Photo Adventures for Kids is packed with challenges, games, strategies, and lessons that can help your child learn photography in an easy and fun way. No matter where your family is, kids will learn to see where the best photographs are hidden in any location. In Photo Adventures for Kids, your child will learn more about photo composition, framing, perspective, and so much more. This book will build a kid to becoming an official photo adventurer and go on missions to solve great photo-related mysteries. 

Go Photo! An Activity Book for Kids by Alice Proujansky

Go Photo! is an activity book that gives kids the opportunity to practice photography skills. This book features 20-plus hands-on and creative photo-related activities. This book for kids is a playful and fun activity that fosters their imaginations through getting messy with material and delve into the world in new and exciting ways. Alice included handy tips that nurture a child’s confidence, photography skills, visual language, and creativity in every activity. Alice Proujansky’s Go Photo! is aimed at children between eight and twelve in hopes of encouraging them to engage in the fun and wonder of photography. Go Photo! is an exciting activity to get kids to think creatively and have fun, just in time for the summer season. 

National Geographic Kids Guide to Photography by Nancy Honovich

Let your child learn how to take great photos from the pros through National Geographic Kids Guide to Photography. In the age of smartphones and selfies, capturing images is easy as pie. But to help kids take photos like the pros, this book offers tips like setting up a shot, stage lighting, and other important photographic concepts. The book is well-structured and explains concepts and ideas that kids can digest immediately. Children beginning to enjoy photography will find this thorough guide fun, fact-filled, and jam-packed with the knowledge they need to pursue photography as a hobby. National Geographic Kids Guide to Photography is an essential book for all budding photographers to master this art. 


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