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Hello and thank you for inviting me to submit an article. 

Let me introduce myself.  My name is George Hawthorn, I am 57 years of age, married with three children and currently work full-time as Manager of Democratic and Registration Services with West Dunbartonshire Council, a local authority in Scotland.  I currently self-publish on Kindle Direct Publishing under the pen name – Andrew Hawthorne and to date have published four fictional Scottish crime thrillers set in the present time. 

The titles of my self-published books are:

There’s no such thing as perfect crime (DI Redding Book 1), The Keeper (DI Redding Book 2), A Mug’s Game (DI Redding book 3) and The End of the line (DI Redding book 4).

I started writing fiction just prior to the COVID lockdown, really enjoyed it and published my first book in 2020.  To my surprise, I received very positive reviews and so I continued with the local crime series which is set in Dumbarton/Helensburgh area.

My books focus on the main protagonist

Detective Inspector Claire Redding, a young ambitious police officer who moves to Dumbarton to work with the local CID.  The first book describes her efforts to catch a very clever and elusive cat burglar (the perfect crime) but also introduces a bit of romance in the form of Peter Macdonald, a local man with an interesting backstory of his own. 

The romance continues into the second book, where Claire has the unenvious task of investigating the murder of a young Helensburgh woman whose body is found dead on the shores of the River Clyde.   If that is not enough for the young detective to contend with, her cousin Anne disappears after a night out in Glasgow and Claire’s father is taken into hospital with a mysterious virus – COVID 19, just before the outbreak is made public.

In the third book, the Covid 19 – lockdown is over, Claire and Peter get married and she finds herself chasing down a local drug gang which leads to a much more sinister Drug Lord in the East End of Glasgow.  The book also introduces a new character, Billy Taylor who, during the lockdown, devises a scheme to beat the online bookmakers and in so doing becomes embroiled in the dealings of the same crime gang that DI Redding is pursuing.

Book 4 continues the story of the Drug Lord, Petrie

who is now in prison awaiting trial and has plans to get an early release by ordering the murder of DI Redding as she is now the only remaining witness to his crimes.  Meanwhile, Claire, who is pregnant, is asked to investigate the brutal murder of a woman in Craigendoran, only to find that this is the third killing of its kind in Scotland.   As per police protocol such serial crimes are investigated by the Major Incident Team and much to her surprise Claire and her loyal DS Brian O’Neill are invited to assist with the national investigation.  They quickly establish that the killer identifies his victims on the train, hence the book’s title – The End of the Line. Claire examines the case files on the first two murders and uncovers some evidence which the initial investigations missed.  She also holds the unpopular view that the crimes are personal even though they appear to be unrelated. Armed with the assistance of a renowned psychiatric profiler and a hardnosed DCI who has seen it all before, Claire edges closer and closer to the mysterious killer before finally tracking him down.  However, the story does not end there as Petrie’s assassin has also tracked down Claire which leads to a traumatic end of the story for both the assassin and Claire.

I have the outline of Book 5 (The Judas Tree) drafted and ready to start writing. 

It will involve the death of a local politician who unsurprisingly is not very popular and there is s queue of likely suspects who might benefit from his death.  In this book I will share my knowledge of the Scottish electoral and political system with my readers.  Throughout all my books I promote the area of West Dunbartonshire which has a vast and interesting history, lots of wonderful buildings, which I have weaved into my stories.

Although my sales have been low to date, I am convinced that my books are better than that number would suggest.  This view is also supported by the positive reviews they receive which keeps me writing.

My books are available in all formats on Amazon, Kindle and Audible.


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