An Unforgettable Melody by M. H. Barton

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Greetings, readers! M. H. Barton here, and I wanted to take a few minutes to tell you all about my first self-published novel, An Unforgettable Melody. Before that, however, I’d like to extend my thanks to Zarrah Felton and the Authors’ Lounge for giving me this opportunity to promote my work. I really appreciate it!

An Unforgettable Melody is an erotic fantasy romance novel. In it, we meet Mike Braxton, a professional trumpet player in his mid-twenties. He’s on track for a happy, successful career and has a great group of friends, but this hopeless romantic just can’t seem to find the right girl to settle down with.

Everything changes one day when he acquires a mysterious locket that seems to be welded shut, but after Mike solves a tricky riddle, he manages to pry it open. From within the locket springs a young woman his age, more beautiful than any Mike has ever met in his life. She introduces herself as his servant genie, and explains that by solving the locket’s puzzle, she has been bound to him for life. Unlike the legends of genies, she can grant him an unlimited number of wishes, but her powers are tied specifically to the realm of physical pleasure and romantic love.

Mike is conflicted by this turn of events. He quickly discovers this genie possesses all the traits he would want in his ideal woman, but his faith and moral compass make him uncomfortable with the idea of her being his slave for life. After learning of the terrible things that would happen to her if he refuses her service, Mike agrees to become her master and names the girl Melody.

What follows is a whirlwind romance as Mike begins to fall in love with Melody while struggling to come to terms with his unwitting participation in her enslavement. Meanwhile, Melody, though a genie, possesses all the traits of a normal human and wishes to fully understand and embrace the human experience. The two soon begin to build a life together, and the only thing that might be able to threaten their happiness is the mystery behind Melody’s past and how she became a genie to begin with.

I was inspired to write this book by a pair of authors from the Literotica community, Joe Brolly and 800ibgorrila. They were the original authors in this servant genie subgenre of erotic romance. Though their two works, Genie Chronicles and A Beautiful Wish, remain unfinished to this day, their incredible stories were the inspiration that began my writing journey. In truth, it is their sandbox I’m playing in, and I cannot express my gratitude to them with mere words. Finishing a story in their subgenre seemed to be the greatest thanks I could give.

Who would enjoy this story? For starters, any and all fans of romance tales with steamy, detailed love scenes throughout. This is an erotic romance, after all. In addition, while there is tension to the story, this is not a romance all about relationship drama. One will not find the tropes of infidelity, breakups, and will they/won’t they in my story. I realize many like these tropes, but there are those who enjoy drama woven into the story in other ways. This story is, at its core, a feel-good romp. I also think readers who enjoy realistic, believable character portrayals would enjoy the book. Finally, my signature writing style includes numerous fandom and pop culture references, which are sure to delight all of my fellow nerds and geeks.

What do I hope readers get out of my book? Enjoyment, first and foremost. I write for enjoyment, and it is my sincerest hope that such feelings are infectious. I also hope to make people think about various aspects of life, faith, and relationships. The story explores various philosophical topics, such as freedom and slavery, choosing between two equally bad situations, and the potential consequences our actions will ultimately have one day.

As for the future, An Unforgettable Melody is currently on sale at Amazon in ebook format. I had worked up a sequel at one time, though I don’t consider it publishable at this time. For the foreseeable future, this book will remain a standalone. However, I hope to publish my first mainstream fantasy novel, Lost in Camelot, in the near future and am currently seeking representation from literary agents. Check out my website and follow me on Twitter for the latest news.

I hope you’ll check out my work, and another big thanks to the Authors’ Lounge for the platform. To my fellow authors, may you shatter all your writer’s blocks with a swift Judo chop!


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