Abraham Ajenifuja on Living the Gospel

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Author of the Christian book The VIP Christian Abraham Ajenifuja encourages readers to live life according to the Gospel.

Abraham Ajenifuja is a Certified Public Accountant and author of the self-help book The VIP Christian. He hopes that through his books and speeches he can inspire Christians to pursue a life of faith and prosperity. Many companies and groups have consulted Abraham Ajenifuja on speaking engagements and group discussions aiming to make their organization better. Through his leadership success company called Peace Profit LLC, Ajenifuja has helped entrepreneurs and business organizations reach their full potential by coaching, teaching, and speaking about the VIP Peace Profit System. 

The VIP Peace Profit System is anchored on unlocking the potential of small business leaders and executives by teaching them how to “make peace and unlock more value out of their Life, Relationships and Business Organizations, so they can build the influence and make the impact they desire.”

Abraham Ajenifuja’s experience in faith and business communities spans over three decades, and in those many years, he has learned to document his understanding as well as the lessons he has acquired over the years. The concepts as well as the guide for achieving success can be found in his book The VIP Christian.

The VIP Christian Concept

Abraham Ajenifuja’s concept of The VIP Christian revolves around three essential concepts: Vision, Intent, and Purpose. According to Ajenifuja, 

“We are VIP Christians as we align our Gospel, [Vision, Intent, Purpose] with God’s Gospel in Christ. Today, there is a gap in the way we live the Gospel and it’s the main cause of the division and devaluing of the Human Capital in and outside the church. If the world is to change, the Gospel of Jesus Christ must be express in the way God envisioned, intended and purposed to close the gap in our gospel and present a New Wealth Gospel to the world around us. The New Wealth is not just about money, but it is first Peace, then profit, then prosperity and legacy for the next generation.”

In this mindset, absorbing the words from the gospel and executing in our daily practice transactions are integral in reaching our goals.

Furthermore, Ajenifuja adds that this mode of thinking can influence not only ourselves but those around us and even the various sectors of our society. If we can adopt The VIP Christian concept into our homes, education, government, military, business, media, arts, and even entertainment, there is no doubt that success and prosperity will be achieved. Living the Gospel the right way and spreading it to others is the only way that we can live in peace, harmony, and genuine progress. 

To know more about Abraham Ajenifuja and his works, grab a copy of the remarkable book The VIP Christian and visit his website today!

Abrahan Ajenifuja Biography

Author and business coach Abraham Joseph Ajenifuja is from Jos, Nigeria. He immigrated to the United States in 1984. He is married and has six beautiful children. Abraham got his degree from the University of the District of Columbia. He finished BA in Accounting and in 1990 went on to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in 1990. Abraham Joseph Ajenifuja is a graduate student in counseling at Liberty University.

Abraham Joseph Ajenifuja’s passion is wellness, and seeking the well-being of other people including their physical, spiritual, and mental well-being regardless of their ethnic background, culture, tradition, language, gender, faith, age bracket, and economic status. Aside from helping other people, Abraham Joseph Ajenifuja likes to read and travel. He also enjoys sports and music.


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