A Great Literary Hurrah: The Final Day of LATFOB 2024

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April 21, 2024, was the last day of the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books 2024. Maintaining its hype and excitement from the first day, it was a great literary hurrah that ReadersMagnet Self-Publishing is proud to have been a part of!

The sun went down at Exposition Park on Sunday, April 21, 2024. And a great literary hurrah was made with the closing of the 25th annual Los Angeles Times Festival of Books. Over the past two days, the USC campus has been a haven for literature, teeming with bookworms, bibliophiles, and enthusiastic fans.

Day Two continued the momentum established on Saturday. A diverse selection of literary delights was offered. The festival’s signature free events remained the main attraction, with bustling crowds filling the walkways between booths overflowing with new releases, hidden catches, and treasures from independent presses (like RM, who’ve been attending LATFOB since they could). Panel discussions buzzed with intellectual fervor as authors delved into the complexities of writing, engaging in lively debates on pressing issues all the while.

A Great Literary Hurrah

The LA Times Main Stage was a focal point hosted by the wonderful Stuart K. Robinson. There was a conversation between Iliana Limón Romero and Ronda Rousey over the latter’s new book Our Fight, a discussion from Tiffany Haddish (author of I Curse You With Joy) with Angel Jennings, another between Ariana Madix (author of Single AF Cocktails) and Yvonne Villarreal, one between John Densmore (author of The Doors Unhinged) and Stephen Perkins and one with Jevon Phillips and Jay Jeezy Jenkins (author of Adversity for Sale). 

Meanwhile, the Children’s Stage (emceed by music group Andrew & Polly) offered a haven for budding readers. Under the warm California weather, young minds were captivated by a particularly energetic reading with Rampage and the Los Angeles Rams, 5-minute stories from Blippi and a conversation with Layla, the Last Black Unicorn author Tiffany Haddish, and Julia Torres, a very important discussion with Dr. Ellen Ochoa (author of Dr. Ochoa’s Stellar World: Arts).

There was also a 25-minute singalong with Emily Arrow and her ukulele Bow and a great family singalong from PBS SoCal. Allison Holker Boss also took the stage and talked about her book Keep Dancing Through: A Boss Family Groove. 

The presentation from Simone authors Viet Thanh Nguyen and Minnie Phan was quite memorable. Arlo Needs Glasses author Barney Saltzberg was also there, as was Ann Suk Wang, presenting her wonderful book The House Before Falling Into The Sea, and Seema Yasmin and The ABCs of Queer History. 

Beyond these scheduled events, the essence of the Festival of Books always lies in the serendipitous encounters. Aspiring writers exchanged ideas with established authors, book clubs debated the merits of their latest reads, and lifelong friendships were forged over shared literary passions. It was a great literary hurrah!

The Final Day of LATFOB 2024

As the final events concluded, a sense of satisfaction permeated the air. The 2024 LA Times Festival of Books has once again proven to be a cornerstone of Los Angeles’ cultural landscape. It was a weekend dedicated to the power of storytelling, the magic of imagination, and the enduring love for books.

  • The Poetry Stage reverberated with the enlightening verses of talented poets. Established names like Kaveh Akbar and Anahid Nersessian shared their works, while up-and-coming poets took to the stage, showcasing the vibrancy of contemporary poetry.
  • The Cooking Stage brought together authors, chefs, and food bloggers. Discussions explored the intersection of food, literature, and culture, highlighting how culinary experiences can spark literary inspiration.
  • The Latinidad Stage resonated with the city’s diverse population. Authors like Justin Torres and Yesika Salgado engaged in discussions on themes of immigration, cultural identity, and the power of storytelling in connecting communities.

The 2024 Los Angeles Times Festival of Books may have concluded, but its impact will reverberate throughout the year and beyond. 

It was a potent reminder of the transformative power of reading–and may thousands upon thousands foster a love for literature that inspires countless new stories to be written and read. 

As book lovers pack away their newly acquired treasures, anticipation builds for the 2025 edition, promising another weekend of literary immersion and intellectual exploration. You’ll be sure that ReadersMagnet Self-Publishing will be there, too!

Explore the events ReadersMagnet has attended and be part of a great literary hurrah. Learn more: readersmagnet.com.

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